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Expertise.LAN and Expertise.SQL

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Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL Timeline

Expertise.LAN Enhancements by Version

Integrated system

RealWorld Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL consists of 13 modules that can be used individually or combined into a fully integrated system. The complete line includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Data Manager, Fund Accounting, General Ledger with Check Reconciliation, General Ledger/25, General Ledger/50, Inventory Management, Payroll, Point of Sale, Purchase Order, Sales Order, and the System Manager with Vertical Market Toolkit and Report Writer. Vertical applications are available through our reseller network.

Task-oriented design

RealWorld Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL provides many customizing options, from a modifiable desktop design to user-definable fields. Every function can be placed on a desktop button for instant access to your most frequently used accounting tasks, reports, and programs. The reverse is true too: Elements can be removed from input screens if they don't apply to that particular job function. Virtually every screen, menu, field, input window, and report can be modified to maximize your use of the software. Notes can be added to help screens to reflect changes made to the system.

RealWorld Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL follows Microsoft's Graphical User Interface (GUI) standards. Since its screen setup and design are similar to other GUI products, Visual Accounting is easy to learn and use. The design allows you to use a mouse or the keyboard to move around screens. Bookmarks on this page

Unlimited Options

RealWorld Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL provides simultaneous access with its multi-tasking feature. Multiple users can simultaneously open any number of screens, within the limits of the PC's resources. You can access up to 100 accounting options per user, from Payroll check runs to Purchase Order entry to Accounts Receivable invoicing. The system handles an unlimited number of companies, which is especially useful for sites requiring multi-company consolidation. Optional extensions to the General Ledger module enable larger organizations to use up to 50-character account codes.

International currency support is provided system-wide, with options for multi-currency financial statements and consolidations. Bookmarks on this page

Share Data

RealWorld Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL easily integrates with many other Microsoft Windows applications. You'll be able to use your accounting information in word processors, spreadsheets, financial analysis tool, presentation and chart software using the Data Manager module. Bookmarks on this page

Data Security

RealWorld Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL includes multi-level security features, including restricted access to any combination of functions, fields, and/or files. Access to reports can be controlled by user, department, or company, with optional password protection. Overriding credit limits, changing inventory prices, exceeding budgets, and approving POs cannot be made without the appropriate security access. Each file can have read-only or write access. Data can be stored across multiple paths and/or servers for additional flexibility and security.

To ensure system integrity, Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL implements very advanced fault tolerance with each transaction processing. This allows for a full recovery of data entered in case of a system failure.

Accounts Payable

Gain better control of your business expenses and maintain a good credit rating by becoming more efficient with your payables. Accounts Payable helps you determine the best time to pay bills by tracking amounts, due dates, and discounts. Besides processing transactions and printing checks, Accounts Payable includes the following features-and more!

  • Efficiently manage cash flow and payables by knowing who to pay and when.
  • Automated printing of vendor checks improves turnaround time.
  • Compare best price quotes, quantity and time discounts, best delivery turnaround, and many other ordering criteria to help you make timely, cost-effective purchase decisions.
  • Cash requirements, Purchase analysis, and many other detailed reports give you instant access to your financial data.
  • Recurring invoices, partial payments, manually written checks, and cash payments are handled with ease.
  • Online historical statistics and unlimited transaction history are available. You can analyze data to track trends in purchasing volume or isolate preferred vendors.
  • You can choose which invoices to pay, preview payment information, and display remaining cash balances before batch check runs are printed and posted.
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Accounts Receivable

Collect your receivables faster and more efficiently. The Accounts Receivable module improves the management of all aspects of sales, pricing, sales commissions, customer credit, billing, taxes, and shipping. You'll have easy access to vital information such as who owes you money, when it's due, and much more.

  • Instant access to customer, sales order, and inventory information provides you with the details you need, when you need them. On-the-fly entry of new customers can be made easily.
  • Flexible pricing levels, finance charges, tax categories, and freight tables are some of the options your business needs to accurately record sales activity.
  • Invoices can be automatically prepared and printed. You can use standard or custom-designed invoices, statements, sales orders, and deposit slips that work with your type of business. Time billing allows service-based industries to charge for professional services.
  • Cash management reports help you track receivables and plan cash flow.
  • Sales reports help you analyze marketing tactics and determine ways to increase your revenues.
  • Sales commissions can be calculated in a variety of ways. Amounts can be viewed immediately, helping sales representatives know their current volumes.
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Data Manager

With the Data Manager, each desktop in RealWorld Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL can be tailored to each user's specific needs, quickly and effectively.

  • Add-on programs and enhancements can be integrated into Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL using the Data Manager module and Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools-such as Microsoft Access, Borland's Delphi, Powersoft Power Builder, and Visual Basic. Using these tools, software developers can create applications that are linked to Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL's modules.
  • The DDE export/import function allows you to select and export information to productivity and executive decision tools such as Excel®, Lotus, and FRx and import the information back to the Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL data files.
  • Fields, windows, reports, online help, and more can be customized at the individual level and/or company-wide.
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Expertise.Commerce consists of two parts: 1.)  The RealWorld Expertise accounting suite with Expertise.Commerce features installed, and 2.) a web site virtual storefront created using RealWorld’s SiteBuilder program.

Expertise.Commerce acts as the interface between the user’s virtual store and the Expertise Accounts Receivable, Sales Order and Inventory Management modules. This chapter contains information about the set up, maintenance and transactions of Expertise.Commerce exclusive of the virtual store web site. For information on the web site storefront see the Site-Builder user manual.

Fund Accounting

Fund accounting is designed to support funded activities, such as research grants. It also can be used by corporations that manage and consolidate the finances of multiple subsidiaries or share financial responsibilities. Some of the features include:

  • Fund Accounting provides single-fund processing for up to 1,000 funds or entities per transaction. It gives you the ability to consolidate funds or entities, track minority interest percentages, and allocate costs.
  • Input costs can be compared online to budgets and restricted funds accounts.
  • Inter-company journal entries can be automatically created and validated.
  • Full verification of user access rights and external entity account validation offer you complete data security.
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General Ledger

General Ledger pulls together all of your accounting transactions in order to generate financial statements. With G/L, you'll have an accurate picture of your company's profits, assets, liabilities, and equity position. You can compare your current expenses and income to budgets, prior periods, and last year's amounts. Other features include:

  • Flexible account number structure in the chart of accounts allows you to use your current account numbers or design new ones.
  • Flexible financial periods let you enter financial data for a new month without closing the previous month, re-enter a closed period, make adjustments, and then reclose the period. You never have to re-open a period to record adjustments.
  • General Ledger allows you to define, consolidate, and report information from individual departments, divisions, or subsidiary companies with ease. Data from other packages, such as accounts, departments, checking, or journal details can be incorporated.
  • You can create an unlimited number of financial statements with the Report Writer. Cash flow statement and other standard reports keep you up to date with your finances. You also can design additional reports to suit your company needs.
  • General Ledger transactions can be easily imported or exported to popular spreadsheet programs.
  • An unlimited number of checking accounts can be maintained for each company with banking information. You can select any checking account when making deposits or writing checks.
  • On-line access includes account activity reports, balance information, unlimited journals, and free-form notes for quick reference.
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General Ledger Extensions GL/25 and GL/50

For companies that require more than the standard 12-digit account codes, the General Ledger extensions support 25 or 50 digits. Additional data security is provided through account segment restrictions, which limit user access according to General Ledger template characters in the account codes.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management tracks quantities on-hand and on-order to help you maintain inventory at optimal levels. You'll be able to determine how quickly items sell and the value of your inventory. You'll be able to maintain detailed information-including serial number, lot number, and bin tracking-on all inventory items throughout any period. Other benefits include:

  • An unlimited number of inventory items can be maintained, each with its own item code, user-definable fields, notes, and a photographic image for precise product identification.
  • Complete sales and purchase history is maintained. You can analyze stocking levels and stock turnover for easy re-ordering. This will reduce overall inventory carrying costs.
  • Inventory items can be compared by vendor to help identify preferred suppliers.
  • Purchase orders can be automatically created for out-of-stock items.
  • Inventory Management can manage the inventories of up to 50 warehouse locations per company. Stock can be transferred to another location to aid in inventory leveling.
  • Freight costs can be added to the invoice or the unit cost.
  • Unlimited history of lot numbers and serial numbers are supported from receipt through sale. This facilitates the tracking of an item to a customer for warranty and service maintenance purposes.
  • Standard, average, LIFO, FIFO, and latest unit cost methods are supported with up to six levels tracked to assist in financial control of inventory.
  • Kit and assembled products are supported. Building of kits or assemblies manages the consumption of components automatically.
  • Bar code readers are supported, to improve throughput and improve accuracy for items being received and sold.
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Expertise accounting Multi-Currency is an optional module in the Expertise Accounting suite, having all of the capabilities needed to conveniently perform FASB 52 compliant financial reporting for businesses operating in the international marketplace. It allows the user to process invoices for customers and checks for vendors in their own currency. The user can also print customer invoices and receive payments in the customer’s own currencies per transaction. Multi-Currency is fully integrated with the Expertise Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger modules.


Besides all the 1099s, 941s, and W-2 forms and magnetic media required, you need to keep track of many details associated with paying your employees. The Payroll module helps you maintain employee payroll information, calculate taxes, handle voluntary deductions, and print paychecks for both regular and contract employees. Some of Payroll's benefits include:

  • A wide range of human resources information can be stored, including bitmap photos of employees.
  • An unlimited number of user-defined pay scales can be created, with calculations made globally or defined for each employee, department, and location. The Payroll system also provides support for 401(k) and cafeteria plans, California SDI, and unlimited tax categories. Time accruals are easily defined and maintained.
  • Every check run allows extensive use of filtering criteria, such as cycle, supervisor, location, state, and more. Checks can be printed and reprinted with full audit trail control.
  • Payroll can post departmental expenses and tax liability to General Ledger based on the check. Each check can post up to 200 lines of General Ledger detail.
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Point of Sale

RealWorld Point of Sale is a retail front-end program that interfaces with RealWorld Expertise 5.5 (or later). Point of Sale (POS) allows comprehensive processing, tracking and control of transactions generated at the point of order or sale.

  • This touch screen Point of Sale program monitors your sales activities at the cash register and tracks critical information such as inventory items in stock and hot-selling products. You can reconcile key sales information at the beginning and end of each day or poll the data at any time. All this gives you the flexibility you need to increase sales and maintain optimum inventory levels. Point of Sale also provides a log that shows the operator, date and amount of every transaction. Sensitive information can be easily protected.
  • The program supports high-speed Point of Sale hardware including printers, pole-mounted customer displays, bar code readers (serial or wedge), credit card readers and cash drawers.

Project Costing

The RealWorld Expertise.LAN Project Costing application is an independent accounting module that enables you to easily track details per project phase for job shops, manufacturers, and construction firms of all sizes. The current implementation of the Project Costing module is well tested and ready to go for estimating and cost entry. It is tightly integrated and is very competitive with the best of breed for project / job cost accounting.

Purchase Order

Control your costs by accurately tracking purchase orders and deliveries. Vendor quotes can be automatically converted to a purchase order, and the vendor invoice can be created while receiving the purchase order. When items are received, line item receipts validate units ordered, unit price, and line item extended cost. Some other tracking capabilities include:

  • To confirm receipts against orders, the system generates a three-way match from requisition to purchase order to voucher. This gives you details on orders, delays, and over-shipments as well as highlights cost variances.
  • To increase the accuracy of the purchasing and receiving processes, Purchase Order displays vendor part numbers, pricing, notes, and flags.
  • You have the option to prorate the cost of freight and taxes into the line item totals during sales order entry. You also can assign the landed cost of an item to the individual line item.
  • Standard, blanket, and change order POs are supported.
  • For security, user access and authorization control is provided. POs can be restricted by passwords. Departmental POs can be restricted by the masking feature.
  • Orders can be a mix of inventory, non-inventory, and/or drop-ship items.
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Sales Order

Maximize the efficiency of order processing and increase customer satisfaction by accurately recording sales, manufacturing, shipping, and return item activities. With Sales Order, you can easily track inventory items on-hand, backorders, quotes, credit limits, and discount levels at the time of sale. Benefits include:

  • When processing an order, each line item is checked against the customer's approved credit line to keep credit within certain limits.
  • For flexibility, each line item can have up to 50 warehouse locations, different ship-to addresses, freight table calculations, separate tax categories, and attached notes. This eliminates dual entry of orders.
  • Scheduled shipments or scheduled manufacturing per line item are supported, with quantity information available for each line item from the original order, minus the quantity shipped-to-date.
  • Work Orders are supported, with multiple deliveries against an order allowed.
  • Drop ship and ship-to locations are allowed by line item.
  • To simplify the sales process, invoices can be generated when an item is received into inventory and a pending order exists.
  • Sales Order Detail
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Expertise SiteBuilder is an advanced, Java programming language based, template driven development tool that allows a company to quickly and easily build a virtual storefront for use on the worldwide web. Web sites built using SiteBuilder interface seamlessly with the RealWorld Expertise accounting suite’s built-in Expertise.Commerce features.

SiteBuilder created web sites offer self serve shopping including the ability to login, browse catalogs of products, place and pay for orders, receive automated order confirmation, and automated shipping notice. Custom-ers can shop at their convenience, at the same time reducing duplicate orders and data entry errors, and improving overall customer support and business efficiency.

System Manager

System Manager with Vertical Market Toolkit and Report Writer The System Manager is required to operate any of the other modules in the Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL product line. The package includes all required system libraries (DLLs), a Report Writer, and an exclusive Vertical Market Toolkit.

The Report Writer includes more than 400 pre-defined reports. The Report Writer can access any field from any file. Restricted parameters can be selected, such as specific dates or departments. Comparisons to any record's field can be made using such terms as "less than" and "greater than."

Existing reports can be modified by adding or changing a field and saving the report under a new name. Custom reports and forms are easily created using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design methods. Any field from any file can be placed in any location on a report.

The Vertical Market Toolkit allows complete customization of the user's working environment. All elements of the user interface can be modified, including desktop elements, input field names, and screen locations.


RealWorld's Client/Server-in-a-Box is a bundle package featuring Pervasive Software's Btrieve client/server database and ODBC drivers. The package allows RealWorld Visual Accounting to run in true client/server mode, where the data is processed at the server level. Client/Server-in-a-Box supports 32-bit applications. It offers high performance data access, full scaleability, dynamic file expansion, and sophisticated data recovery.

Conversion Utility

The RealWorld Conversion Utility converts RealWorld Accounting and Business Software data files to RealWorld Expertise.LAN/Expertise.SQL data files.

Hardware & System Requirements

  • Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 95 - 8 MB minimum, 16 MB recommended
  • Windows NT - 16 MB
  • Hard drive: Your space requirements depend on the number of modules you install. Full installation, which includes the System Manager and eight standard modules, requires approximately 32 MB. Your space requirements will increase as you use the system and add data to your files.
  • SVGA or VGA color monitor.
  • A mouse is required to use some of the VMT (screen customization) features.


Software Subscription (required first year)


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