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Please click here to visit our Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains (formerly Dynamics) Software website!

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Company Profile: We specialize in the integration of Microsoft Business Solutions and RealWorld accounting software, E-business, networks, office software suites and sales management software. Our office in West Palm Beach, Florida, provides an ideal location to service the South Florida business community.

We are authorized consultants for Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains (formerly Dynamics), Small Business Manager, Great Plains Classic (formerly RealWorld Classic) and Expertise (formerly RealWorld Expertise)..

Our value added consulting services include: Network installation and maintenance of Microsoft Windows 2000/NT, Novell NetWare, LANtastic and Microsoft Workgroups software, remote access and remote control, internet access, computer selection and computer telephony - to mention a few areas.

Proudly, our sales authorization includes Hewlett-Packard Value Added Reseller. We also work with major national distributors for instant access to ten's of thousands of products that you may need.

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USA Telephone: 561-798-1090


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