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Bret A. Bennett Tech Publications for Windows IT Pros

One Way To Speed Up Slow Wi-Fi Web Browsing - A Simple Router/Gateway Tweak August 2015
Easy Fix for Aluratek AIRMM01F Internet Radio DHCP and DNS Connection Problems March 2015
Easily Return Native Bluetooth Functionality to Windows 8.1 After Upgrading from 8.0 February 2015
One fix for "S.M.A.R.T. not supported by drive" In Acronis Drive Monitor October 2013
Bug Might Be the Cause of "Could not reconnect all network drives" Pop-Up"
(Windows 7 sometimes interprets print server ports as mapped drives)
June 2013
Allowing a User to Access Another User's Exchange 2003 Mailbox
(Three recommended methods and two methods to avoid)
June 2013
Print Double Sided on HP Officejet 6100 Printers April 2013
Locate an Emailís Source Folder in Outlook 2010 Search Results April 2013
Disable Video ActiveX Controls in Internet Explorer on the Fly
(A quick way to improve users' Internet experience and productivity on older, slower systems)
October 2012
Sample User Manual for Lithium-ion (aka Li-ion) Laptop Battery September 2012
Eliminate SQLBrowser Warnings for Non-Existent Instances June 2012
Fix for Double Vision in Disk Utilities March 2012
A Mini-Treatise on Storage Device Identifiers in NTFS February 2012
How to Avoid Browser Hijack Viruses
        Additional Browser Hijack Sample Pictures
November 2011
November 2011

Configure Aluratek AIRMM01F Internet WiFi Radio & Linksys WRT54GX Wireless Router

October 2011
Switching the BIOS SATA's Mode from IDE to AHCI February 2011

Fix for Canon Pixma IP4000R Error Code 5C00 Loud Popping Clicking Noise March 2011
Using Mount points in My Documents December 2010
Backup Audio CD with Nero Express and Print CD with Nero Cover Designer November 2010
Changing the Windows System Drive Letter July 2010
Revealing Missing Excel Sheets June 2010
Audio Echo in XP SP3 Messaging Clients February 2010
Offline File Caching Slows Logon and Logoff January 2010
Another Way to Add URLs to IE7.0's Favorites Tree September 2009
Use Devcon to Manage Finicky Hardware June 2009
Easily Add URLs to Internet Explorer 7.0's Favorites Tree January 2009
Virtual PC 2007 Mouse Integration Fix for Win98 September 2008
An Unlikely Culprit Can Cause Computers to Hang August 2007
Create an MMC Snap-In for Searching PDF Files March 2007
Surmounting the Unmountable Boot Device Error March 2006
Exchange Connection Problems? Check This Registry Key December 2005
XP Power Scheme Fix - By Bret Bennett November 2005
Recycle the Recycled Folder October 2005
What Do You Mean Not Enough Memory for My Virtual Machine? July 2005
Using Personal Firewalls: A Lesson Learned the Hard Way January 2005
Windows XP AutoPlay October 2004
Fixing Windows 98 to Windows XP Logon Problems February 2004.
Windows XPís Documents Directories October 2003
Uninstall UdfReadr.sys in Win2k August 2003
Repairing Win2K Pro's NetMeeting April 2003
Resetting RestrictAnonymous Disables the Browser Service March 2003
An Easier Way to Automatically Name Log Files - by George Christie
        Supporting Files:
AutomaticallyNameLogFiles.txt (vbs version)
February 2003
Automatically Name Log Files With the Current Date and Time
Supporting files:
                Ntbackup for NT4x.txt
February 2002

Command Output in a Variable - by David England April 2001

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