How to Locate an Emailís Source Folder in Outlook 2010 Search Results

By Bret A. Bennett


When we search for an Outlook 2010 email with whatever keyword(s) via "Try searching again in All Mail Items", it brings up a selection of emails, but we aren't able to tell the exact folder that email is currently located in. Knowing the source folder may be important because we also want to review other emails in that folder that may not contain the keyword that we just happen to remember.

In the initial search results, there's an Outlook column header titled "Sort by: in Folder", but that information just gives us the name of the source folder(s), without the breadcrumb/folder-tree trail to that folder.

Here's an easy solution to this problem:

In the "Try searching again in All Mail Items" search results, open the appropriate email containing the keyword. Next, dropdown the Move button on open email's Ribbon and click "Always move messages in this conversation".

Violŗ! You'll now see the source folder in the resulting "Always Move Conversion" form. Youíll be able to use the formís up/down slider control to display exactly where there source folder is located in the Outlook folder tree.



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