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Note: Sales of Uptrends ended 4/1/2004.
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Uptrends Sales Management Software

With Uptrends experience since 1992, Bret A. Bennett provides both direct sales and the training you'll need to implement Uptrends quickly and cost effectively.

In short, Contact Manager is the core product. Sales Manager then adds the sales and marketing management features. Building further, Service Manager then adds service management features.

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Founded in 1988 in Concord, New Hampshire, Uptrends Management Software (UMS) manufactures Service Automation (Help Desk), Sales Automation, and Contact Management software.

Uptrends provides automation solutions that increase productivity in an aesthetic, easy to use, and pleasant environment. The Uptrends line of products are available from qualified resellers across the United States and abroad.

The principals of UMS have backgrounds in engineering, software development, and management. They have participated in the software industry as it's gone through its myriad and often rapid stages of growth. UMS has customers in practically any field you can imagine, including paper and ribbon distribution, a manufacturer of brake parts, a video products manufacturer, Heating & Air Conditioning, a company in Kentucky that sells and rents boats, software manufacturers, a flower shop in Florida, software resellers, computer repair shops, management consultants, a distributor of air dried and freeze dried vegetables, a guitar manufacturer, a manufacturer of printing supplies, a small chain of hotels in northern California, a resort in the Bahamas, an auto dealership in Alabama...you name it, one of our customers quite likely manufactures, distributes, sells or services it!

Quite simply, Uptrends specializes in sales and service automation, so it's very likely that includes your business too!

All UMS products are year 2000 compliant.

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