Overview Brochure


bulletUnlimited number of bank accounts
bulletMiscellaneous check option
bulletBank reconciliation
bulletEnter transactions
bulletVoid checks and transactions
bulletRecord deposits and withdrawals
bulletRecord transfer of funds between accounts


Customers and Sales

*Video Customers
*Video Sales
bulletCredit limits
bulletCredit memos
bulletCustomer contact information
bulletCustomer history tracking
bulletCustomer statement wizard
bulletCustomer-specific pricing and
bulletCustomizable invoices and statements
bulletCustomized statements
bulletDebit memos
bulletDrop ship orders
bulletExport to Excel
bulletFlexible reporting options
bulletLetter Writing Assistant
bulletLine item markdowns
bulletMapPoint Integration
bulletNSF check processing
bulletPacking slips and picking
bulletPut customer accounts on hold 
bulletReminders and alerts
bulletSales commissions
bulletSales reporting
bulletSales tax reporting
bulletService repair
bulletStreamlined processing
bulletTrade discounts
bulletTransaction import
bulletUnlimited number of customers


Financials and Accounting

Financials Brochure
*Financials Video
bulletDouble-entry accounting
bulletFull audit trail
bulletAuto select posting accounts
bulletDefault charts of accounts for multiple industries Excel-based budgeting 
bulletSupports account numbers up to 25 characters and 5 segments
bulletSupports up to 13 fiscal periods
bulletBatch and individual transaction posting
bulletAutomated batch recovery
bulletAbility to close sales and purchasing ledgers while leaving general ledger open for year-end adjustments
bulletPrior year adjustments
bulletFinancial statement reporting
bulletTrial balance reporting
bulletGeneral, recurring, and auto-reversing journal entries



bulletSupport multiple cost methods.
bulletAssign multiple price levels and details.
bulletTrack serial and lot numbers.
bulletManage kits.
bulletAllocate item quantities.
bulletRun physical inventory checklists.
bulletAnalyze with reports and inquiries.
bulletTrack inventory costs and quantities.
bulletPerform inventory adjustments.



bulletSupports up to 500 active employees
bulletIntegration with General Ledger
bulletPayroll setup wizards
bulletPayroll checklists include pay period, month end, quarter end and year-end
bulletTax table updates
bulletPayroll check printing 
bulletVoid payroll checks with audit trail
bulletDirect deposit
bulletAbsence reporting 
bulletOvertime calculations
bulletDeduction calculations
bulletPension processing
bulletPayroll reporting 


Purchases and Vendors

bulletUnlimited number of vendors
bulletVendor contact information
bulletAutomated discount and sales tax calculations
bulletFinance charges
bulletCredit memos
bulletBill payment via cash, credit card, or check
bulletPayables check wizard
bulletSupports voiding checks and transactions
bulletFull audit trail for check printing
bullet4 accounts payable aging buckets
bulletVendor history tracking
bulletPurchases reporting
bulletAccounts payable transaction, history and analysis reporting



bulletOne centralized report window
bulletOver 80 customizable reports
bulletCheck writing wizard
bulletSmartlist queries
bulletDrill down to source documents
bulletFinancial statements
bulletReport editor
bulletCustomizable reports
bulletStandard reports throughout Small Business Manager 
bulletReports available via the Web 
bulletExport to Excel
bulletExport to Word
bulletExport to HTML


System Manager

bulletMaster record import from QuickBooks, Excel, RealWorld, GPA, Peachtree
bulletCompany setup wizards
bulletAlerts and Reminders
bulletSetup checklists
bulletSupports unlimited companies
bulletSupports up to 10 concurrent users 
bulletAdministrator defined access rights for each user
bulletAutomated file backup and recovery
bulletPersonalized shortcut menu


*Video Notes: Once a video starts to play, you can press Alt_Enter (ie. press and hold the Alt key then press Enter at the same time). This will make the video go full screen and look a lot better. When you are done watching the video, press Alt_Enter a second time and the video will go back into a window. You will then be able to exit out of the video player by clicking the usual "X" at the top right of your video player window.

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