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Connie B's instructions to add Native Florida Webring to your site.
lease follow steps A, B and C below.

A. Optional:
Below is the Native Florida logo for your use. For your information, the filename is new_native_florida.gif . I suggest that you simply copy and paste it into your web site using your web site editor of choice. Don't hyperlink it to anything, just put it on your site to look nice. I like to put it just above the spot where I insert the navigational banner javascript (ie. see item "C" below). Here is the gif :


B. Required:
Please remove personal and non-Florida related information links from your main New Native Florida site . Perhaps you could create a different personal web site with family pictures, birthday calendars and non-Florida issues such as "save the killer whales"  or "save the redwoods". To my knowledge, there are no killer whales or redwood trees in Florida.  If you can't get another site, then you could easily restructure your site and move the personal stuff to a subdirectory, then give out that url to family and friends. Example for family and friends: www.my_main_site/my_personal_and non-florida_stuff . Submit www.my_main_site as your New Native Florida site. It will not be acceptable to have any hyperlink to personal pages coming off of your New Native Florida site. Remember, the  New Native Florida web ring will bring us all the most amount of hits if it stays focused on providing Florida related eco and heritage information. 

C. Required:
Here is the link to our yahoo webring management pages that will help you get started with the New Native Florida web ring application:


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