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Pervasive Software is the leading provider of world-class database engines specifically built to be bundled by commercial developers - systems integrators, VARs, information systems professionals, and ISVs - who deliver high volume, client/server applications. Pervasive enables commercial developers to deliver Client/Server in a Box applications to mass markets.

Pervasive is the only database company who is sharply focusing both its business and product strategies on serving the commercial developer.

Pervasive Software's Client/Server in a Box Strategy

Today the majority of client/server applications are developed in-house at great expense and effort. The resources required will limit the adoption rate until client/server applications are widely available in a pre-packaged form at reasonable prices.

Pervasive's Client/Server in a Box strategy is focused on delivering the power of client/server computing combined with the advantages of packaged software. Specifically, Client Server in a Box applications must deliver the same automated installations and low maintenance operations normally associated with packaged desktop applications.

Given the complexity of distributed client/server applications, Pervasive is delivering the core technologies that will make Client/Server in a Box applications possible. These technologies include:

  • High performance, full-featured client/server database engines
  • Requesters spanning multiple client and server platforms
  • Application Configuration Management tools facilitates successful installations by verifying that the network infrastructure is in place.
  • Automated installation and management of distributed components from a single workstation.
  • Maintenance free operations such that dedicated technical staff are not necessary.

In addition, Pervasive provides innovative licensing programs tailored to meet the pricing and mass production needs of commercial developers. The combination of Client/Server in a Box technology and value licensing programs enable developers around the world to deliver Client/Server in a Box applications today.

Key Market Segments

As the move toward client/server computing accelerates, demand for packaged applications and client/server databases continues to increase. Pervasive and its commercial developers are uniquely positioned to benefit from the trend towards packaged client-server applications.

Pervasive's database engines are meeting customer requirements in many industries enabling thousands of our customers to deliver Client/Server in a Box.

  • Accounting, Financial and Banking
  • Contact Management
  • Groupware
  • Healthcare
  • Network Management Systems
  • Document Imaging
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Online Services
  • Entertainment, Travel and Hotel
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Government
  • And more...

Key Partners

Pervasive has forged strategic alliances with a broad range of key industry partners throughout the world including:

  • IBM Corp.
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • Novell, Inc.

Pervasive Software Product Strategy

Pervasive's key product strength lies in its powerful MicroKernel Database Engine™ (MKDE) on which Pervasive's product line is based. The MKDE provides a unified architecture supporting multiple data access models. This unique architecture ensures smooth migration across current and future products, preserving the customer's investment in existing technology.

Pervasive's MicroKernel Database Engine separates the data access model from low-level functions common to all databases. The MicroKernel supports multiple data access models including relational and navigational - and ultimately future data models - while storing all data in a common model-independent format.

The MKDE allows users to take full advantage of new applications with different and complex data types, while avoiding the expense of a costly database migration. Additionally, the MicroKernel enforces data integrity across aft applications. For example, navigational applications can easily be extended by integrating relational (SQL) modules with no impact on the original application. All modules can share the same data concurrently.

Current Pervasive Software Products

Scalable SQL - The leading low-cost relational database engine, Scalable SQL features seamless scalability, deployment licensing and packaging, maintenance free operation, a small memory footprint, multi-platform support - giving commercial developers everything they need to provide today's businesses with relational data access for reports and end-user analysis.

Btrieve 6 - Today's leading navigational database engine, Btrieve is built to be embedded in applications for client/server, peer-to-peer, and stand-alone environments. With its high performance, ease of use, and maintenance-free operation, Btrieve gives commercial developers everything they need to deliver business-critical solutions to mass markets. Built on Pervasive's MicroKernel Database Engine, Scalable SQL and Btrieve 6 applications can access all data concurrently.

ODBC Interface - Pervasive's ODBC Interface is designed to offer high performance access to Scalable SQL and Btrieve data.

ODBC Interface takes full advantage of Scalable SQL and Btrieve indexing, owner names, and other features to provide seamless integration as well as unparalleled performance.


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