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Management Tip 5/8/98 - Employee Acknowledgement Of Probation form.


Employee Acknowledgement Of Probation



To:            _________________________________

Subject: Acknowledgement of Probationary Period


I understand that I am on probation as an employee for the first ninety (90) days of my employment, which started on ________________ , for the purposes of the Florida Unemployment Compensation Law. I understand that if my employer discharges me for unsatisfactory work performance under the Florida Unemployment Compensation Law, Ch. 443.131(3)(a)(2) ES., he will not have his account charged for any unemployment benefits I might be determined eligible for in the future.

I acknowledge that I signed this form within seven (7) days of my employment.

I have received a copy of this: Yes ____ No ____

Signature – New Employee: _____________________________________
Social Security Number: _____________________________________
Date Signed: _____________________________________



I, _____________________ , recognize and accept as a term of hire, a ninety (90) day probationary period as an employee of YOUR COMPANY NAME.

I also understand that if my job performance is unacceptable, I may be terminated during this period.

Employee Signature: _____________________________________
Effective Date Hired: _____________________________________
Date Signed: _____________________________________


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