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"Computers For Classrooms"

Here's your chance to train the next generation of knowledge workers before they show up at work.

Donate your unused computer software, and peripherals directly to your local school. Or contact Computers for Classrooms at one of the numbers below, and we'll direct your donations for you.

Either way, your generosity will pay off in gigabytes. Because instead of tossing your equipment out, or selling it for a few cents on the dollar, you'll be providing our classrooms with the most powerful teaching aid since teachers - and getting a tax deduction in the bargain.

So donate the best - and most - equipment you can afford. When you do, you'll be helping a whole new class of people to succeed.

  • Gifts In Kind America: 800-862-GIFT
  • The East-West Education Development Foundation: 617-542-1234
  • The National Cristina Foundation: 800-CRISTINA
  • Buddy-Up with Education: 800-53-BUDDY

Here are a couple links that may help too:

I would suggest that if you cannot donate your old computer components, here in Palm Beach County, Florida, our Solid Waste Authority has facilities where we can take these items to be recycled properly. Perhaps your locale has such facilities also.



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