SBM Top 10 Reasons:

Giving you a competitive advantage

If you're contemplating new software to manage your business, take these ten benefits into consideration. You’ll see why Small Business Manager is the best solution to help you work more productively, integrate your business, and access information to make more informed decisions.

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Enter information once and share it with all of your applications.
Do you use Microsoft® Excel to manage your budgets and financial statements, Word to send personalized letters to customers, Outlook® to e-mail pertinent reports to colleagues, MapPoint® for obtaining driving directions and other internal or industry-specific applications to manage other key day-to-day tasks? Small Business Manager allows you to keep using those familiar packages, but uniquely integrates all of these applications and data together so you don’t have to re-key data.

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Flexible and unique reporting tools help you easily find answers to any of your day-to-day questions and analyze your business performance.
Do you want instant, on-screen access to a list of overdue customers, daily sales activities or year to date vendor purchases? The SmartList real-time query tool allows you to slice and dice information, so business data that’s important to you is only a click away. As well, over 80 customizable standard reports enable you to easily analyze business metrics. And because Small Business Manager’s flexible account structure allows up to 25 characters and five segments, you can leverage your accounts to manage multiple departments and produce departmental reports for even greater reporting insights.

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Don’t worry about audits—Small Business Manager provides full audit trails and double-entry accounting to help you follow accounting rules.
Small Business Manager helps you to follow accounting rules so that if you are ever audited, you have a complete audit trail code and balanced records which can be easily analyzed. To begin with, double-entry accounting is enforced, so that debits must equal credits when posting journals. Secondly, all transactions are assigned an incremental audit trail code number, so you can easily track information within the system. Finally, posted transactions cannot be randomly deleted; instead, to protect the audit trail code of your system, void procedures are in place or correcting transactions can be posted to make needed changes. This gives you full, accurate visibility of all activity in your system so there will be no questions about your books.


Keep your data secure by defining what parts of the software each employee can access and use.
Your company ‘administrator’ can specify which parts of Small Business Manager each employee can use. For example, perhaps some users should be able to view information through inquiry windows and reports, but should not be allowed to actually enter new transactions or change setup information. This flexibility to set up security parameters by user will help you keep data secure and safe in an environment where multiple employees have access to the accounting database.


Giving you a competitive advantage.
Multiple users can access the data at the same time without performance problems. With Small Business Manager, you can set up an unlimited number of users, with a maximum of five concurrent users accessing the data at the same time. Because it uses industry-standard technologies like Microsoft SQL 2000 Desktop Engine or Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000, the stability of performance and reliability of data is much higher than competitive solutions on the market.


Processing vendor checks, customer statements and employee checks couldn’t be easier.
Wizards throughout Small Business Manager assist you in completing what can otherwise be complex tasks. Step-by-step questions guide you through the processes, giving you ultimate flexibility when choosing which vendor bills to pay, sending out customer statements, and processing employee checks.


Take control of your sensitive payroll processes with an on-site solution integrated with the rest of your accounting software.
Small Business Manager’s U.S. Payroll Suite allows you to easily integrate payroll processing into the rest of your on-site business management. You’ll always have updated tax tables as part of your service plan, to ensure that taxes are tracked and reported correctly. In addition to its many features and benefits, another highlight of the Payroll Suite is the ability for each employee to choose to have funds electronically deposited to their bank or receive a check.


Use reminder and alert tools to schedule and remind users of routines that need to be performed at a specific time.
Within Small Business Manager, the Reminders window immediately launches to provide users the ability to be reminded of timely tasks to be addressed, such as customer invoices to be collected on or checks you owe your vendor. You have ultimate flexibility to mark tasks as recurring, as well as the ability to assign them to individual users or everyone in the system.


Custom business letter templates help you quickly create personalized communications.
Imagine looking up a customer’s information and seeing that they have a past due balance; now take that information to instantly generate collection letters. Designed to be quick and easy, these letter-writing capabilities can originate from customer windows, vendor windows, and employee windows as well so you can keep in touch with all of your constituents.


Keep your sensitive accounting software on-site while extending some of your sales and marketing services to the Internet.
Whether you want to build an online business presence, deliver stronger sales and service, or manage business operations, Microsoft bCentral™ offers the solutions and valuable information you need. bCentral has solutions that are perfect for new businesses just starting out or established companies ready to grow their business online. Microsoft bCentral Commerce Manager, List Builder, and Appointment Manager work with Small Business Manager to increase and retain your customer base.

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