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Small Business Manager is a complete set of accounting and business management tasks that allow you to effectively and efficiently input, organize and access the information you need to drive your business. It is available in North America (US and Canada) through authorized Microsoft Business Solution Resellers.

Small Business Manager is available with an integrated Business Management Suite or a Business Management/US Payroll Suite for either single users or multi-users (up to 10 concurrent users). The suites include the following:

Business Management Suite Components

bulletFinancial (General Ledger with Advanced Financial Analysis)
bulletBanking (Bank Reconciliation/Cash Flow Management)
bulletSales (Sales Order Processing/Accounts Receivable)
bulletPurchasing (Purchase Order/Accounts Payable)
bulletInventory (Item Tracking)
bulletFoundation and Reporting (Report Editor, SmartList, Microsoft Office Integration)
bulletIntegration (Import wizard for master records/transactions)
bulletMicrosoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE), a fully SQL Server-compatible data engine

U.S. Payroll Suite Components (requires purchase of Business Management Suite)

bulletU.S. Payroll (100 active employees per company)
bulletDirect Deposit

Additional Components

bulletAdditional 100 Payroll Employee blocks (Maximum total of 500 employees)
bulletFederal Magnetic Media for US Payroll Suite
bulletCrystal Reports® 9 Standard Edition for Small Business Manager

Prices are in US Dollars.

Business Management Suite Components  
Business Management Suite  
1 Concurrent Professional User  
Financial (General Ledger with Advanced Financial Analysis)  
Banking (Bank Reconciliation/Cash Flow Management)  
Sales (Sales Order Processing/Accounts Receivable)  
Purchasing (Purchase Order/Accounts Payable)  
Inventory (Item tracking)  
Foundation and Reporting (Report Editor, SmartList, Microsoft Office Integration)  
Integration (Import Wizard for master records/transactions)  
Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine  
Fixed Asset Management  
Crystal Reports 9 Standard Edition for Small Business  
Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics - 1 FRx User  
US Payroll (100 active employees per company) with Direct Deposit  
Additional 100 Payroll Employee Blocks (limit of 4 additional blocks)  
Federal Magnetic Media  
Additional Professional Users (10 users maximum)  
Professional Users (2-10) (Price Each)  
Service Plan  
Foundation Services Program (Required for 1st Year)
CustomerSource access to comprehensive on-line services.
Online Training (one seat to the SBM Foundation Services Library) each year.
Two support incidents with a 3-hour guaranteed response time.
Ability to purchase 5-Packs and additional products and services.
Discounts on per-incident support.


Pricing for Additional Support and Training Options
Per-Incident Support  
Cost per incident if enrolled in Foundation Services $65
Cost per incident if not enrolled in Foundation Services $95
Telephone or electronic support available with a credit card  
(eSupport only available to customers enrolled in Foundation Services)  
Same-day response time  
5-pack of Support Incidents $250
Must be enrolled in Foundation Services to purchase 5-pack  
5-packs expire 1 year after purchase  
Three-hour guaranteed response time  
Small Business Manager Foundation Library of eLearning (One Seat) $100
(One seat is included in the Foundation Services Program Program)   
Industry Library (Other Business Software) (One Seat) $400
SBM Training Workbooks  
Business Management Suite $100
US Payroll Series $50
Fixed Asset Management $50

Once a license copy of Small Business Manager has been purchased, it cannot be returned to Microsoft Great Plains. Please see license agreement for full details on return and transfer policy.

1. Prices subject to change
Crystal Reports Standard vs. Crystal Reports Professional:  Crystal Reports Standard shares many of the basic features of Crystal Reports Professional.  Crystal Reports Standard provides data connectivity including PC-based and ODBC/OLE DB, unlimited SQL commands, and Unicode Support.  Crystal Reports Professional offers these same items plus the XML, OLAP, enterprise database servers (ODBC, native).  Both products offer report designer and customizable templates.  Professional also provides repository for component reuse and single-point updating and custom functions for sharing formulas across multiple reports as well as out-of-the-box web interface for on-demand report access.


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