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April 2000 Sport Fishing with Bret, Jake, Mario & Captain Charlie


BitBonita.jpg (28686 bytes)

A shark debones a bonito right at the boat

dsc00004a.jpg (46637 bytes)

This is as fresh as bait gets


dsc00005a.jpg (34367 bytes)

Bad hair day, good fishing


dsc00032a.jpg (49088 bytes)

Jake scores an amberdine


dsc00031a.jpg (54897 bytes)
And he's happy with it


dsc00013a.jpg (39439 bytes)

More morning exercise


dsc00018a.jpg (35034 bytes)

The kingfish have arrived


dsc00019a.jpg (54428 bytes)
Another king headed for ice


dsc00012a.jpg (40229 bytes)
Another ? headed for ice


dsc00023a.jpg (47112 bytes)

Jake smokes up the reel again


dsc00025a.jpg (39702 bytes)

and again . . .


dsc00026a.jpg (29412 bytes)

and again!


dsc00010a.jpg (30597 bytes)

Mario helps Marty with king


dsc00006a.jpg (31435 bytes)
Marty gets another nibble


dsc00033a.jpg (37545 bytes)

This is no rock fish


dsc00039a.jpg (62775 bytes)

Boat sponsored by Yamaha


dsc00040a.jpg (56014 bytes)

Mario's give a thumbs-up


dsc00036a.jpg (94507 bytes)
America drinks and goes home 


dsc00034a.jpg (74942 bytes)

Thanks again Charlie!
Bret's Snook

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